coming soon: What's up Shirley Lily? A big, black cock!

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What's up Shirley Lily? A big, black cock!

Here at, we try to show our models a good time. Here, Shirley is being shown a good time by a hung, black stud, and although she's a first-timer, she's capable of taking every inch he gives her. She is obviously having a very good time. Lucas is having a good time, too. The facial he gives Shirley proves it.

Shirley is a 52-year-old divorcee who lives in Southern California. She's a mother and grandmother. She has DD-cup tits. She says she enjoys organizing and hosting events in her community. Like swinging?

"I've been a swinger off and on," Shirley said. "About a year ago, I was at a party filled with swingers at a nice home near where I live. There was a moment when some folks headed upstairs, and I heard a woman oohing and ahhing, which excited me. Next thing I knew, there were men and women pleasuring me. It was orgasmic!"

Shirley is multi-orgasmic, as you're about to find out. She also has a filthy mouth. When she's horny, which is most of the time, she… Read More »
Featuring: Shirley Lily and Lucas Stone
Duration: 21:04

Member Comments

5 years ago 

Creampie her next

7 years ago 

Love seeing Shirley take spurts of cum in her mouth at the end of this scene. She is a very beautiful and sexy woman

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