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Rita Daniels goes black

"I've been hearing about this cliché for a very long time about once you go black, you never go back," divorcee Rita Daniels says near the start of this season. "Well, Rita's going to put that theory to the test today. I definitely want to taste his cock because I love dark chocolate and I know I'm going to love dark meat as well. Come here, Lucas. I want to taste that dark meat."

But has Rita, who was 59 when this scene was filmed, asked for more than she can handle? Can she fit Lucas's long, thick dick in her mouth? Can her pussy take the pounding he's about to deliver?

What do you think? Of course she can! Rita is what's known as a cock slut, and if there's a hard-on in the room, she'll find a way to fit it into her holes.

One of the highlights of this scene comes at 8:45, when Lucas has Rita take her hands off his cock then holds her head with both hands and fucks her mouth. Another highlight is about 15 minutes in, when Rita gets down on all fours, Lucas poises himself above… Read More »
Featuring: Rita Daniels and Lucas Stone
Duration: 20:45

Member Comments

1 year ago 

Rita is a sex-animal. Please choose a porn-actor with an enormous load in his balls for the next footage with Rita. It's a matter of respect.

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