Darker, deeper and in her ass

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Darker, deeper and in her ass

"I'm going to do the hottest, sexiest interracial scene today," 69-year-old Mandi McGraw tells us at the start of this scene. "I'm so turned on by the hot black male. I can't get enough."

Mandi is a bit giggly, but that's how she gets when she's turned on.

"I have a wild addiction to interracial sex," she says. And she's gonna get a big, thick, black fix today. Talk about monster cock!

Mandi isn't into warm, cuddly, romantic sex. She has her guy straddle her face and fuck her mouth. She tongues his balls. Then, while he's fucking her pussy, she fingers her ass. Why? Because it feels good...and to get her butthole ready for his giant cock. Yes, Mandi not only wants that cock in her mouth and pussy, she wants it in her old but tight asshole.

"Are you ready to fuck my asshole?" she asks him. "Put that big, black cock in my ass!"

He's ready. As for Mandi, she's always ready. Read More »
Featuring: Mandi McGraw and Castro Supreme
Date: July 20th, 2023
Duration: 23:19

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I look forward to seeing more sexy videos featuring her.

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