Lola Lee's darkest fantasies come true

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Lola Lee's darkest fantasies come true

Granny Lola Lee, 66, is in bed, wearing red lingerie and stockings and rubbing herself.

"I'm so horny tonight," she says. "I'm so lonely."

What? Lola Lee lonely? How can that be?

"I wish I had a big, black cock to take care of me," she says. Her legs are spread, her pussy is ready, but there's no guy in the room. She falls asleep. Cut to Wizard of Oz music (no, not really). She fantasizes about a guy showing up. It's Lucas with his big, black cock, and Lola gets right to work on it.

"Oh, this is wonderful," she says as she rubs his slab of trouser meat against her face. "So pretty." Pretty? "So big." Can't argue with that.

If you've seen Lola Lee, you already know why she's one of the most popular MILFs ever. If you haven't seen her, you're about to find out. Watch Lola get fucked hard. Very hard. Yep, she's 66. And still making her fantasies come true. Read More »
Featuring: Lola Lee and Lucas Stone
Date: August 31st, 2023
Duration: 18:33

Member Comments

Excellent oral scene.

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