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Brandi's ass is horny for a BBC

Brandi Fox (now known as Sky Haven) is in her house and looking at the window, checking out the lawn guy

"I wouldn't mind fucking him," she says. "Damn, he's got a big cock! Look at that bulge. I'm horny."

No shit!

Jack knocks on the door, and Brandi knows it's time to seize her chance to get some big, black cock. Jack wants to use the bathroom.

"Fuck you're hot," she says.

"Yeah, it's hot outside," he says.

That's not what she means.

He goes to take a piss. She watches.

"He's going to fuck me, that's for sure," she says, then she goes up to him and grabs his ass. Then she sucks his cock and balls. Then she fucks him, and he gets more than her pussy. He gets her ass, too.

And that's how this 45-year-old wife and mom rolls.

We asked Brandi what she would do if time were frozen for 24 hours. She said, "I'd write my book How To Please A Man." Looks like she already wrote the book on that. Jack cums in her mouth and Brandi swallows his cum.

We asked her what makes her… Read More »
Featuring: Sky Haven and Jax Black
Duration: 20:35

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