Andi's Big, Black Cock Day

Andi Roxxx - XXX MILF video
When this scene opens, Andi, 45, is wearing a baby blue satin dress that hugs her big, shapely butt. She runs her hands over her ass and plays some ass games for us, dancing seductively.

"I'm very, very horny today," Andi says. "I especially would like to have a nice, big, juicy, black cock inside of me. It's all that's been on my mind since I woke up. I can't wait for my friend to come over and fulfill my fantasy."

Which he does, eating Andi's pussy, then filling her mouth with his cock, then filling her pussy with his cock, then cumming all over her face. Yeah, Andi gets a facial, and she obviously enjoys it. But, like we've said before, this lady only does things she enjoys.

"I feel lucky to have my appearance at my age, so I might as well enjoy it before it's gone," Andi said. "And I think men like mature women who are real. I think there are too many young women out there who are concerned about being beautiful and pretty and not just being themselves. There's too much…

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